GiganetTV from Rose on Vimeo.

Giga Entertainment Media (GEM) is a media technology development company that provides unique interactive viewing and communications enhancement features, such as existing live programming, VOD and movie lineups, to worldwide cable, satellite, Telco, and other content providers and their subscribers. giganetimage giganettvimage2 With its GIGANETTV Brand consumer-friendly entertainment service, GEM allows the transmission and receipt of multiple (30) simultaneous content streams, enabling the user to control the viewing and communications interfaces in real time by adjusting the size and location of viewing windows. On a single site, consumers can access live cable channel lineups, movies, social networks, web search, email, text, blog, join single or multiple live personal or group chats, conference, Skype, play video games and record -- all in HD on simultaneous multiple PIP (picture-in-picture) expandable, shrinkable and movable floating screens. Users are also offered buy-now options with an advanced programming guide, scrolling, newsfeeds and alerts. G.E.M.'s president and founder of GiganetTV, Gary Nerlinger, along with Kevin Schultz and Cody Parham offered Luis del Rosario the opportunity to write, produce and direct GiganetTV's infomercial style spot that is currently being shown to prospective investors. The spot is garnering plenty of media attention and have piqued investors' interest. G.E.M. couldn't be happier with all the positive feedback. The spot also features DelBay Pictures co-founder Marie Baylon del Rosario and "DelBay's Featured Artist of the Month" Cody Parham. (

COX Cable commercial script written by Luis del Rosario

Luis del Rosario along with 6 other writers provided TV execution ideas in the form of paper treatments and scripts that focused on Cox Cable's product usage and benefits, with competitive claims that position Cox as the premier entertainment provider. Paper treatments and scripts from all 7 writers including Luis del Rosario were purchased by Cox Communications. Cox Communications (also known as Cox Cable and formerly Cox Broadcasting Corporation, Dimension Cable Services and Times-Mirror Cable) is a privately owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises providing digital cable television, telecommunications and wireless services in the United States. It is the third-largest cable television provider in the United States, serving more than 6.2 million customers, including 2.9 million digital cable subscribers, 3.5 million Internet subscribers, and almost 3.2 million digital telephone subscribers, making it the seventh-largest telephone carrier in the country.

Brianna Ferris- Featured Artist of the Month (December, 2013)

Featured Artist of the Month (December, 2013) DelBay talks to Brianna Ferris. Brianna Ferris is an American actress and director. Born and raised in Georgia, Brianna first got the acting bug at the age of 2 when she acted out scenes from Snow White with her Grandmother. She credits her Grandmother for introducing her to the wonderful world of role playing. At a very young age, Brianna would put together a production for the neighborhood and learned early on that acting takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Years later, a growing realization of the need to become what she had always dreamed of propelled her to move to New York after graduating from high school. Brianna is now in her 2nd year at the William Esper Studio, and she continues to hone her acting skills by working on various film projects like shorts and commercials. DelBayPictures: "Hi Brianna. When did you first get the acting bug?" Brianna: "Oh my... I've been playing pretend since I was two. My father would always follow me around with the camera... Thank you dad. I give thanks to my beautiful grandmother, for always playing pretend with me- acting out Snow White every week, AND my friends being in productions with me for the neighborhood. I was so serious, or dedicated I should say... when I put together a production for the neighborhood. Growing up people would say how expressive I was. Acting is a way to express myself, without getting in trouble." DelBayPictures: "What projects have you been in? And what was your first role?" Brianna: "I'm currently working on many student films, shorts, and commercials. My first speaking role was in a short with an amazing director (Matt Pope) as a waitress. The audition was so much fun. I did my line and we improvised the rest of the scene." DelBayPictures: "What kind of roles do you seek out?" Brianna: "A script that speaks to me and I get excited while I'm reading it. When I read a script and if it makes me laugh, smile, scream, or cry... I'm hooked!" DelBayPictures: "What do you do when you're not acting?" Brianna: "During my spare time... I spend time with my family, manifesting, writing, going to the movies weekly (sometimes daily- hehe), traveling, exercising, Pilates, spinning, and exploring new things. I truly love spontaneous days. I'm a spiritual young lady." DelBayPictures: "Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?" Brianna: "Five years from now... I see myself being a working, valued actress. Producing and starring in my own films. *SMILES BIG* I can't wait! Also, traveling the world and learning about other cultures." DelBayPictures: "Are you also interested in writing?" Brianna: "Yes, I love writing. No matter what your profession is, I believe it's important... because you express yourself, you free your mind. I'm currently working on a comedy- it's fun and I can't wait to share it. I'd love to co-direct... someday. I'm currently in my 2nd year at William Esper Studio- which is a Meisner technique school, it's amazing. Sandy was a genius! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF & KNOW YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT. Any human can do whatever pleases them, even if it means creating something that has never existed. One of my favorite quotes from Martha Graham, "First we have to believe, and then we believe." Here are samples of Brianna's brilliant work as an actor. Save the Nachos for Doritos Starring: Brianna Ferris Cody Parham John Salustri Anne Marie Cuevas del Rosario Juliet Coffey Written & Directed By: Luis L. del Rosario, Jr. Produced by: DelBayPictures   America's Best Designer Frames for America's Best Starring: Brianna Ferris Written, and Directed by: Luis L. del Rosario, Jr Produced by: DelBayPictures SoyGo for Starring: Brianna Ferris Produced by: Kelli Adams Promotional Video for AMTC- Actors, Models & Talent for Christ Starring: Brianna Ferris Production Stills Caption: Doritos Ad from left- Actors Cody Parham and Brianna Ferris Caption:America's Best Ad- Actor Brianna Ferris You can find Brianna Ferris on: IMDB: Facebook: Twitter: *******************************click here for Resume******************************************  

Cody Parham- Featured Artist of the Month (November, 2013)

Cody Parham is an American actor. He is credited under the name Cody Parham. He is 23 years old, and has been a New Yorker his whole life. When he’s not dabbling in the world of stage acting, Cody is busy honing his craft on various film projects such as short films, commercials and comedic sketches. Some of his work can be seen on . The YouTube channel features a host of monologues and soliloquies that reveal Cody’s range as an actor, including a dead on impression of Christopher Walken. Cody’s latest project involves flesh eating Zombies produced by DelBay Pictures for SodaStream (video coming soon). SodaStreamZombie Still001 Caption: From left- Actors John Salustri, Anne Marie Cuevas del Rosario, Codi Parham and Juliet Coffey Caption: Codi Parham DelBay Caption: Cody Parham on set with fellow actor John Salustri DelBay Caption: Cast and Crew of SodaStream Z Commercials and monologues starring Codi Parham.   “Do You Want to Get Cosi?” for Cosi Starring: Scarlett Angelina Cody Parham Jimmy Yim as the delivery person Directed By: Luis L. del Rosario, Jr. Produced by: Marie Margaret Baylon del Rosario Luis L. del Rosario, Jr. "Tony Spinolli Talk Show" Starring: Cody Parham Produced by: Cody Parham Edited & Visual Effects by: DelBayPictures "Monologues with Cody Parham (Poloroid Stories)" Starring: Cody Parham Produced by: Cody Parham Edited & Visual Effects by: DelBayPictures "Monologues with Cody Parham (Glengarry Glen Ross- Alec Baldwin)" Starring: Cody Parham Produced by: Cody Parham Edited & Visual Effects by: DelBayPictures "Monologues with Cody Parham (Mars Attacks! Jack Nicholson)" Starring: Cody Parham Produced by: Cody Parham Edited & Visual Effects by: DelBayPictures "Monologues with Cody Parham (Devil's Advocate- Al Pacino)" Starring: Cody Parham Produced by: Cody Parham Edited & Visual Effects by: DelBayPictures *****************Click here for RESUME *****************

Western Union Travelwise

Western Union recently purchased DelBayPictures'"I Love to Travel" ad. The commercial features an international traveler describing Western Union's new service plan, "TravelWise". TravelWise gives the consumer more money options when traveling, especially when cash is needed. She is able to send money to herself and collect cash at her destination- thus eliminating common money risks involved when traveling. The commercial stars DelBayPictures' very own Marie Baylon del Rosario and was written, produced & edited by husband Luis L. del Rosario, Jr. screenshots: