COX Cable commercial script written by Luis del Rosario

Luis del Rosario along with 6 other writers provided TV execution ideas in the form of paper treatments and scripts that focused on Cox Cable’s product usage and benefits, with competitive claims that position Cox as the premier entertainment provider. Paper treatments and scripts from all 7 writers including Luis del Rosario were purchased by Cox Communications.

Cox Communications (also known as Cox Cable and formerly Cox Broadcasting Corporation, Dimension Cable Services and Times-Mirror Cable) is a privately owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises providing digital cable television, telecommunications and wireless services in the United States. It is the third-largest cable television provider in the United States, serving more than 6.2 million customers, including 2.9 million digital cable subscribers, 3.5 million Internet subscribers, and almost 3.2 million digital telephone subscribers, making it the seventh-largest telephone carrier in the country.

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